Hey, I'm Toby

Your smart shopping assistant


With a focus on simplicity and design Toby is super easy to use. Still, we managed to include some powerful features with no added complexity.


Create multiple lists with different colors for all areas in your life e.g. work, home or a birthday party. Swipe through your lists or check the overview screen, showing all items from all lists


Share lists with your partner, roommates, colleagues and friends. The list will always be synced across all devices


Activate location based reminders for a store category with just one click and get notified to check your list when you’re nearby


Grocery lists are automatically sorted the way an average supermarket is arranged to make your journey super efficient


No matter if it is groceries, electronics or tools you can use Toby for all kinds of products. Toby automatically assigns an item to the right store category to give you a perfect overview of what you need to buy at a given store, no matter to which of your lists the item belongs


Push single items or a whole bunch of ingredients from a recipe right to your list with just one click. Just keep a look out for our Toby web button

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Toby is more than just a shopping list. He is your smart shopping assistant making sure you have everything you need.

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