Pasta con Salame – Our recipe of the week 🍝


With temperatures above 30° C we’re quickly approaching summer. We start to appreciate the good things in life like sitting outside and having a drink after work or simply meeting up with friends to enjoy the sun. Or, to make it short, living the Italian way of life. To make you feel even more Italian here comes of first ever recipe of the week – Pasta con Salame. Buon appetito!

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Building a shopping list app? It’s 2017!

You think building a shopping list app in 2017 is like building another flashlight or fart sound app? We agree.

And not for a single moment were we considering to build another shopping list, because let’s be honest, there are tons of great shopping list apps out there. I was a heavy user of one of them too. It served my need of keeping track of my shopping even though it came with some minor pains, such as typing on the small smartphone keyboard. It was in a moment of questioning the fundamental concept of a shopping list app when we decided to create Toby.

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