Why you need a shopping list app!?

As of today, people have all different ways to manage their shopping. But no matter if you still write a pen & paper list, take down things in your notetaking app or get by using a to-do app like Wunderlist for your shopping, there is reason enough to start using a shopping list app today.

You’re using a pen & paper list? Go digital.

If you’re still one of those traditionalists using a pen & paper list let me just briefly outline the benefits of managing your shopping digitally. First of all, your smartphone is something you constantly carry with you unlike your paper list. You’re on the train and think of an item you need to buy? Just take out your phone and write it down, you might forget about it if you wait until you return home. The same applies to checking off items from your list. You’re passing a store and have a free minute to jump in and do your shopping? Well, too bad if you left your shopping list at home.

Secondly, since most shopping list apps nowadays allow sharing the same applies to your partner, roommate or your kids. With a shared shopping list all members of your household can add and check off items from the list any time they want. The list is constantly synced across all the devices.


Why you should use a shopping list app

Here it is all about the User Interface. Good shopping list apps like Bring! or Toby work with tiles and icons to show you more items at a glance compared to plain text lists. At the same time, tiles make it easier for you to check off an item when at the store due to the mere size of the clickable area. Nicely designed shopping lists are actually fun to use and significantly improve your shopping experience – just give it a try! In addition to a user interface created for the sole purpose of shopping, features like sorting items logically will also improve your shopping experience. Toby automatically sorts your items in a way that the average supermarket is sorted and even learns about your behavior to adapt in case that your local market is arranged differently.

Toby also shows your recently added items so you do not need to search for products you buy regularly. These features alone already make it worth switching from any of the above mentioned alternatives to a pure shopping list app immediately. However, Toby goes one step further in an effort to improve your shopping experience.


Here’s what makes Toby special


A great user experience

First of all, Toby enables you to manage all your shopping instead of just groceries. With a database of more than 10.000 products we automatically assign any product to the right story category (e.g. supermarket, electronic store, diy market etc.) to give you a good overview of what you need to get from which store.

To further improve the overview we came up with the concept of our home screen which is particularly relevant if you have multiple lists e.g. one ‘Home’ list you share with your partner and one ‘Office’ list you share with your colleagues. The home screen is the first screen in Toby which shows you all items from all lists automatically sorted by store and the color of a tile indicates which list it stems from. This way you will see all items you need right when you’re at the store and do not risk to leave without checking the other lists you have.


Location based reminders

Another thing which makes Toby stand out is location based reminders. With just two clicks you can activate location based reminders for when you’re around certain stores to make sure you do not forget your shopping. Some of our users love this feature to get notified to check their list when they’re close to a rarely visited store like a DIY market. However, others appreciate this feature for groceries or cosmetics which they need to get outside of their regular weekly shopping trip e.g. to buy new toothpaste on the way home. In fact, 76% of people say they tend to forget to buy something at least once a week so the reminder feature obviously is a clear selling point for our users.


Finally, Toby is and will always be free of advertisement. We’re committed to provide a tool which has the greatest possible value for our users and found monetization strategies around it to make sure Toby remains free of paid features and free of advertisement.


If you’re not using Toby already you can download it for free on the iOS App store or sign up for our upcoming Android launch which will be really soon.

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