Building a shopping list app? It’s 2017!

You think building a shopping list app in 2017 is like building another flashlight or fart sound app? We agree.

And not for a single moment were we considering to build another shopping list, because let’s be honest, there are tons of great shopping list apps out there. I was a heavy user of one of them too. It served my need of keeping track of my shopping even though it came with some minor pains, such as typing on the small smartphone keyboard. It was in a moment of questioning the fundamental concept of a shopping list app when we decided to create Toby.

A shopping list is not the most up to date solution to manage our shopping


I won’t bore you with another article about thinking outside the box, you’ve heard it all before. We simply believe that a shopping list on a mobile device is just as wrong as advertisement banners in mobile apps. It is a traditional concept which worked quite well, but needs adaption for a new medium to get the most out of it. With artificial intelligence, we no longer need to manually create lists again and again. This is especially true with a quite repetitive behavior such as creating a shopping list. Today, we have personal assistants like Siri or Cortana, who learn about our preferences and behaviors and adapt to them accordingly. The added value of Toby is extremely evident when looking at how people shop. After some years in the industry we learned that there are tons of different shopper types in terms of how they shop, how often they shop, which pains they have and which tools they use. Therefore, it would also be naive to believe that a static tool such as a shopping list can be the best possible solution for all of these people. A smart assistant who adapts to your behavior, however, can have a huge positive impact on how you shop. He can remind you when you’re close to a store and still have items on your list, of course not while you’re working because he knows what times of the day you prefer to do your shopping. He can sync lists you share with your partner or roommate to save you time or he could inform you about a nearby shop that carries one of your favorite brands. Toby is already capable of doing all of this.


The core aim of Toby remains the same as a traditional shopping list


Toby will, just like a traditional shopping list, ensure you have everything you need. However, with the many features of Toby and his proactive support it is easier than ever before to achieve this goal. He will take care of everything you need to buy (hint: guess where the name comes from!?). His powerful artificial intelligence makes Toby already today that exact same tool you’ve been hearing about in science fiction stories. Well, he’s not creepy though. But, technically, Toby can predict your needs based on your shopping pattern, can communicate with smart fridges to know about the things you need even before you do and place orders for you to make sure you have everything you need. Of course, the masses are not there yet and also for us it will take some time to see which features our users like. But whatever their preferences are and wherever the journey takes us, Toby is powerful and ready to be there as the smart assistant you’ll learn to appreciate very soon.


Help us to design the future of how we manage our shopping


If you’re a real first mover and want to shape Toby together with us then get access to our private beta. We’re looking forward to your feedback.

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