How Are You Spending Valentine’s Day? A Gentleman’s Guide.

Are you ready for Valentine’s day? It’s this time of the year again, and we all can feel some pressure during the days before V-Day. Why? Because your partner has some expectations around celebrating and showing how much you value the relationship you share. And don’t you deserve some joy as well?

The Big Issue with Valentine’s Day

Due to the high marketing efforts of shops and brands around Valentine’s Day, your spouse’s expectations skyrocket especially in the weeks before. For many, it is not an easy one to fulfil what’s expected, and this can be painful and leave many unhappy. However, V-Day is a great reminder to get out of your daily routine. It’s a day of love and romance, a day to remember how you met and how much you appreciate one another.

So how can you approach Valentine’s Day like a gentleman? Well, by the end of the day it is supposed to be about finding a way to celebrate your relationship in a way that leaves you both happy.

Preparation is Key – Plan Ahead

Here are our top tips for an enjoyable Valentine’s Day:

Talk about it. Opening an honest conversation about what both of you want is best, don’t wait for subtle hints. You can talk about Valentine’s Day with your partner in case she doesn’t tell you she likes surprises. Anyways, more than two third of women say they just want to spend time together, and it’s not about the gift.

Yes, it is about her. How can you have a memorable Valentine’s Day with your partner? Did you know that many women will feel judged by other women on the gestures you make? It’s tough to navigate, but you will certainly manage it champion! Don’t you use the “it’s a cliche so why celebrate it at all” argument.

Focus on the romance. Romance needs to be the priority, and if you do that right, the rest will follow. You don’t always need romance to have sex, but Valentine’s Day is not that day.

Money is not the solution. Big ticket purchases and over-the-top gestures can feel empty if the sentiment is not behind them. You simply can’t buy thoughtfulness.

Effort matters. Even if you don’t have a large budget to spend on gifts, your spouse will greatly appreciate the effort you put into thinking about the day. Make her feel special. Write a handwritten note, find a romantic poem, or make her breakfast in bed.

For example, you can write about your favorite romantic moment together, and describe when and why you first knew you were in love… Or simply tell her what makes you love her right now.

If you prefer traditional gifts such as flowers and chocolates, you might personalize it to making it special. Chose a bouquet of her favorite color or variety and she’ll know you put some thought into it.

Dress up. How can you feel even better on Valentine’s Day? Yes, it is a holiday… so why don’t you take the opportunity to dress up? Chances are that you feel more confident yourself, and at the same time your partner will appreciate your effort as well.

Focus on each other. It’s simple, and it should be clear from the beginning. Your partner is the center of your attention when you’re celebrating V-Day. Put away your laptop and phone, turn off the TV, and turn the romantic music up!


Foolproof Valentine’s Day Ideas

  • Go out for a romantic dinner
  • Cook for her, or cook together
  • Get away for a night
  • Find an activity you both like, for example, ice skating in the local park, take a cooking or dance class or go to the theater.


Of course, regardless of what you are planning for V-Day, it won’t hurt to add a thoughtful gift. And for any of your preparations, why don’t you use Toby to have the best assistance and reminder for your shoppings? Get you Beta version now.

What are your plans for V-Day? What have you had success with in the past?


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